Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so yesterday i went paging

for those who don't know what that is; 10 students are selected from the schools to go to the Legislative Assembly and they pass notes between the members of the house and bring them water and stuff.


this guy that gave me a note and said the member's name he wanted it delivered too, and somehow i heard "Tom"

*the name was also written on the note, but i couldn't read it.

so i started walking around, looking at the name plates looking for "Tom"

there was no Tom

i went back the way i came, thinking i had missed it

there was definitely no Tom

* people were starting to stare

so i went to our supervisor and asked him

the supervisor guy read the name on the note and said "he's the fifth one down"

so i walked back again

i counted VERY carefully, the fifth member down was named David or something not even close to Tom

but whatever, i gave him the note

he looked at the name on the front, then grabbed my arm and said "this goes to Bob Something, two seats down from me" (he didn't say "Something", obviously, i just forget the last name)

Bob Something was five seats down, if you were counting from the other side

*i was blushing like crazy

i finally ended up getting the note to Bob Something

I dropped the note on his arm and was about to leave when grabbed my arm and whispered "all of the members have nameplates, they might help you in the future"


whatever, it's behind me now...

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Stuart said...

HAHAHA oh good post this made my day.