Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I feel like BLAH!

For almost a year now i have wanted to try out curling, and finally on Monday i DID!
It was really fun, for the first half hour or so, but during the remaining half hour my ankle was on fire.

If you didn't already know: curling is mainly a Canadian sport, you play with a team of 4 against another team on a long strip of ice.

So anyway... i am horrible at describing things, if you really want to know look it up on google :) and all you really needed to know was that we play on ICE, oh and we wear sneakers, not skates.

so i had just had my turn throwing the rock (yeah you should probably use google, i REALLY can't explain) and i turned around and started "skating" (with SHOES remember) towards the... ummmm... not ice... the...not ice was raised about 2 inches above the ice (so that it's easier to flood the ice) so i was slide/skating towards that 2 inch ledge and i guess i forgot to step, my left foot hit that pretty hard and fell backwards.

You know how, when you're hurt you lust want to lie where you are unmoving? But people always rush over and pick you up? Obviously that's what happened, but the two men who had "helped" me up expected me to walk. I tried to, really, but when i put presser on my foot it felt like a nail was being shoved through my ankle, so i collapsed.
My dad and my little brother came to pick me up. And i was carried like a sac of potatoes to our van. The whole trip home my brother complaining that i broke a bone before him, it was actually pretty funny.

At home my mother declared it a sprained ankle. And while i was wallowing in self pity, my dad was laughing; my whole foot had swelled to about twice it's size and was beginning to turn purple, i don't really know what's funny about that, but my dad has had many broken bones and stuff so he's not very good at the whole "pity" thing.

Oh P.S. as treatment; my foot was wrapped in gauze, cushioned on a bag of frozen corn and i got two (bubblegum flavored) children's Tylenols as painkillers.

Monday, November 17, 2008

i got a new backround, if anyone cares. it matches the view out my window, except that the snow... things on the branches look like marshmellows, not that i like marshmellows, but they remind me of hot chocolate on a cold day, witch i do like.
now, if you
look to your right
(it's THAT way (points to the right) if you didn't know :) you will probably see many things, i wan't you to focus on the one titled NINJA PIG
now click on it
it should have opend a link so that you can see it better
now watch it
i made it with a program on (yes i still go there from time to time)
now VOTE!
it will make me feel more loved to know that people, besides me like my work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Media class

Heeeeyyyyy my dear readers! (kira and hanna :)
What up?!?!? i'm in media RIGHT NOW! we have a sub so it's OK, were not doing anything anyways
Grrrrrrrr... thinking of subs makes me bad i'm vegetarien...
ummm i think the guy (sub) might have a slight mental illness...
a girl just said "what the heck?!" and he went all crazy and pretty much yelled: "ohhh my poor vergin ears! next time say "what the 'h' 'e' 'double tooth pick', or 'double hockey stick'!"
yeah....i'm scared....