Friday, February 22, 2008

board out of my mind

I AM BOARD, so this will probably be boaring, mostly a bunch of random things that could be interesting to you if you are some psycopath stalker or something.

i ate a lot of suger (not straight suger; chocolate bars and brown suger) so that i could be suger high and crazy, so that you might actually wan't to read this 'cause it would be more interesting (or you could just be a psycopath stalker, and think this is interesting) didn't work.

I need a book, a good book, not one where siblings have babies together and almost every one is, in their own way really, really WIERD/(mental) (that was a good book, but it scared me). I really want to read New Moon but every one who has it is reading it, lent it to someone else, or just lost it.

Maby i just need more sleep, but i have been up till 1am latly finising the book full of mental (i mean wierd...he he).
K i've been working on this poast for almast a week, TIME TO PUBLISH!!!


Look every one i have a blog!!!

Nothing very interesting is to say...

Look every one i have a blog!!!

Heh heh heh...


i'm board (alredy...can't b a good sign...)

i wonder how many ... ive used???


dare chalange my counting skills?

This message has been brought to you by...