Sunday, December 21, 2008

a few months ago, the pound in my city announced that it was full and couldn't accept anymore homeless animals. So now, any cat or dog found wandering around without a collar will be "put down".(i assume that if the animal looks as though it had been recently groomed and probably had an owner they might keep it while searching for it's family)
when i heard that i thought why don't they "put down" all the HOMELESS people? really that's all the stray animals are.
i have more pity towards animals than human kind and even the fact that millions of people world wide haven't had anything real to eat in weeks, comes second (in my opinion) to the millions of animals that are dying as a result of our polluting.
It makes me sick.


tha Bomb said...

deep !
and yeah i know she won't stop talking about him to me too over the phone and e mail me !
it's easier

tha Bomb said...
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Arcticgirl said...

kira i TRYED!(4 times) i guess it didn't work :(

tha Bomb said...

oh well, i 'm sorry...
it's exactly that!