Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Black Mind

After we are gone,
we are gone.

Once we leave,
we can never come back.

Someday, someone might unknowingly
stumble across our name.

They will continue on,
without a second glance.

A name and a date means nothing,
a few words do not explain a life.

No one can live forever,
not even in memory.

Once we are gone,
we are gone forever.


MZ said...

Nice poem... sorta (very) depressing... but it's still a good poem. Who knows, mabye one day you will be a famous depressed poet. Like Vann gough, but a poet, and please don't cut your ear off and mail it to your lover.
love ya (in the straighest way possible)
have a good march break... I'm off to europe.... VIVE LA FRANCE!

arcticgirl said...

hmmmm...i guess it could b fun, but i think i'd like to leave my options open.
Have fun! i like chocolate. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Hanna said...

do you know me??
cuz i have no idea who you are... at the momment...?

arcticgirl said...

i know u kinda and u know me kinda
my name is Pincushin Incognito Spit

tha Bomb said...

i like the poem anyways you told me to write a angery comment so i am i am very angery that you told S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did you do that anyways? then there was no point in earsing the other comments!!! i am mad.life stinks.

arcticgirl said...

mon dieu! I may actually b a good liar!!
(something to b proud of??)
or u r really gullable

signed Engleburt Humperdinck